Hilarious Greeting Cards

David Sayh - Funniest Guy AliveFunny Greeting Cards

Welcome to the Funny Greeting Cards page, the work of David Sayh, one of the funniest guys alive.

First, he will give you a FREE card to send out.

After that, there will be a title and a sample of each card that follows. Click on the title and you will go to the Secure Shopping Cart, pay $1 and the card will be emailed to you IMMEDIATELY as a PDF. Just $1.

You can buy a little piece of happiness and fun for only $1, like iTUNES.

Is that too much to pay? Don't you deserve it?

These card are totally original, and make a great personal gift, printed on beautiful stationary, where you can fill in the sender information on the last page. Again, only $1.

Happy Occasions:

Birth of a Child



In Love

Getting Married

Getting Engaged


Valentines Day

Mother's Day

Father's Day




Job Promotion

I love you for your Money


 UNUSUAL OCCASIONS - laughter is the best medicine

 Boob Job


 Face Lift

 Breaking Up

 One Night Stand

 Secret Admirer to Ask Out

 Ice Breakers

 Never want to See you again

You're a Jerk

You're good in Bed


UNHAPPY OCCASIONS - laughter is the best medicine



Lost a Job

Get Well